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Through our consulting work, we’ve been involved in a wide range of content marketing projects over the last nine years.

Usually, the brand’s catalyst for a more strategic approach is a new website. As the hub of most content marketing efforts, it’s the obvious place to start.

Everyone gets fired up about web projects. They are an exciting, high-profile combination of content, design, marketing and technology. The cross-functional team work flat out for 4-5 months to launch the site on time.

But then, everyone goes back to their day job, often snowed under by a backlog of work that was put on hold to complete the web project.

This experience can result in feeling that the content marketing reality hasn’t quite lived up to the original vision.

Strategy vs delivery

Whilst it may not appear so at the time, content marketing strategy in its simplest form is easy:

  1. Define your audience and their needs
  2. Create great content
  3. Market it across the appropriate channels
  4. Measure the results.

What the initial project often fails to recognise is that long term delivery of quality content is hard.

Digital publishing

We know that because our background is in digital publishing. There, every piece of content is created with one purpose over and above serving the needs of its users. To make money.

To make sure each article paid its way, we measured every aspect of the content as part of a continuous benchmarking process. The results informed our editorial, marketing and measurement strategies.

Is content marketing here to stay?

We believe that if content marketing is to prosper then brands have to apply similar rigour to their content-creation efforts. We help marketers and agencies do just that.

Our content benchmarking framework provides a method to improve your content, marketing and measurement strategies.  The service launched in beta this week; if you’d like to know more about it then please get in touch.

We’ll be sharing some of our thoughts on this blog and compiling a monthly round-up of the best in content benchmarking techniques.

We hope you find them useful.



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