How to continuously improve your content marketing

Content marketing is a long game. Unlike traditional, campaign-based marketing, it requires dedication and consistency over months and even years.

The key to improving content quality is analysis of the most important data: that created by the users themselves. Marketing teams often lack the in-house skills, time and resources to interpret this effectively.

Our content benchmarking service provides analysis of the key data and the insight that comes from it. Your marketers can then concentrate on creating great content and promoting it.

Good content is expensive

If you want to get a return on your content-creation investment, understanding how each piece of content performs is key to success. Our framework helps define what good (and bad) content looks like.  That enables you to see which topics, authors and article types drive engagement and action.

If you get the content right, it works hard for you. We’ve used content to improve app download rates by more than 60% and increase e-commerce basket values by 20%.

Tools provide reporting

Modern reporting tools are great. They allow us to see what happened on our websites to an astonishing level of detail.

To get the best from the tools, our process starts by working with you to document your content marketing objectives and KPIs.

It’s quite likely that different content has different objectives. Your blog may be aimed at increasing engagement and brand awareness. In that case, “Pageviews”, “Time on page” and “Number of shares” could be key measures.

Other content types, such as case studies, may be designed to encourage action. Measuring “Downloads” and those who opt to “Contact an expert” may be more appropriate in this case.

We create custom dashboards to measure content performance against our agreed definition of “good” KPIs for your business.

People provide insight (ours and yours)

The dashboards are just a starting point. They give us a snapshot of “what” happened but rarely provide a sense of “why”. The next step is to bring context to the raw data.

Why is some content so popular when we know it isn’t the highest quality? Why are some of our most valuable articles not performing better? To answer requires the combined expertise of the “magic triangle”:


  • Does the content address the key needs of the target audience?
  • Does the title explain the article premise?
  • Is there an enticing call to action?


  • How effectively has the content been promoted, and on which channels?


  • What does the data say?
  • How does this compare with similar content on other sites?

The answers to these kinds of questions provide the key insights to build an effective, long-term content plan.

Who this is for?

If some/all of the following are true for you then we should talk: –

  • You are a marketing manager in a team of four or more, committed to a content marketing strategy.
  • Your organisation is capable of creating regular, high quality content
  • Your website generates a good level traffic but you don’t have in-house resources to deeply analyse the performance
  • You’re flexible enough to make content, marketing and measurement changes (potentially big ones).

Clients who benefit the most are central marketing teams, in particular, those that are accountable for the website performance but where content is created across the organisation.

Content benchmarking allows the team to train and coach authors on how to create high-performing content.

What do you get?

We provide an initial report on the current state of your content performance, marketing channels and measurement capability.

We then spend one day each month creating a report outlining:

  • Key top-line metrics
  • Best performing channels
  • Best performing content
  • Content recommendations
  • Marketing recommendations
  • Measurement recommendations

This report explains “what” happened with some top-line insights from our analysis. We then have a conference call/meeting to run through the results with your team.

This monthly review is key to the success of service as it focuses on understanding the “why?”

Each month, there will be one or more actionable recommendations to implement before the next review.

How much does it cost?

Good question. All clients are different so we’ve found the best way to work is to tailor the service based on three factors:

  • The complexity of your website
  • The sophistication of your existing tracking
  • How quickly you want to start making improvements

We always work on an initial three-month engagement. We find that gives both sides enough time to work out if the service is a good fit. For most clients, we would then spend one day each month analysing the data and writing up the report.

Some clients like to go faster, especially in the initial stages, to get some early wins. We would work out an agreed scope after reviewing the initial report together.

Beta availability

The service is currently in beta and we are looking for clients interested in helping us fine tune and shape it. We plan to work with a limited number of clients during this period.

We currently have 5 “Slots” open so if you are interested in having an initial discussion to see if there is a good fit, why not get in touch.

If you’re an agency, see how the service could provide insight into the performance of both yours and your clients’ content.

Keep up to date

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